Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My first every blog entry.. 25 Random Facts About Me!

So..blogging..this is scary. This is my first every post (YAYY) and I'm new to this so please be patient with me. I've decided to start blogging because I feel I have a lot to say and no one to say it to lol. My blog is going to be mainly beauty focused with a bit of fashion and my life thrown in! 

I though as my first post I'm going to tell you a bit about lets kick it off with '25 random facts about me'...

1) I am 22.

2) Yellow is my favourite colour (it was also my Nan's and my is my dad's). 

3) I have dyslexia pre warning my spelling and grammar can be bad..but I'm working on it :).

4) I am 5'9.

5) I went to university for 4 years. 1 year studying fashion photography and 3 years studying advertising which I graduate with a 2:1.

6) I am scared of baked beans. Vom.

7) I'm a pretty good cook.

8) I love watching animal documentaries.

9) I am obsessed with elephants.   

10) I have a brother who is 22 months older than me. 

11) I love watching horror films. Then I regret it 5 minutes in. Every time.  

12) I have never had a boyfriend.

13) People laugh at me when I say 'individually'. 

14) I used to play cricket, golf and football. 

15) I think Christmas is overrated. 

16) I think Valentines Day and Halloween are underrated. 

17) I am the first Farnfield to have a degree.

18) My surname is Farnfield. 

19) I get specific and pacific confused. 

20) I always remember peoples birthday, even if I haven't seen them for years.  

21) I like to clean when I'm hung-over or angry. 

22) I don't like boys with sleeve tattoos. 

23) My best friend Vicki is my idol.

24) I don't like be touched. Makes me squirm.  

25) I am actually really shy. No one believes me when I say this but when I first meet people they think I don't like them but it's just because I'm scared. 

So that was 25 random facts about me. I hope you enjoyed it, please follow me cos I will be posting more very soon. Any ideas how to end this..I guess I'll say goodbye..Byeeeeee <3 

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