Monday, 30 September 2013

Products I Regret #1

Hey Everyone,
As it's the end of the month I thought I'd write my first products I regret purchasing post. This product I have had for a good 3 months and given it so many chances, trying it in different ways but no I cannot get on with it anymore. This product is 'Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt' which is meant to give hair a mermaid look with is texturizing salt spray formula. All this product give me is an uneven, sticky and crisp limp do. I am not a fan.

I had such high hopes for this as I really like the other got2b products. It says to spray on towel dried or dry hair and you can either scrunch and leave it or blow dry. I've tried every possible way with this product. I've tried really dry straight hair, just blow dried hair, towel dried leaving it to dry, towel dried then blow dried and super wet hair, even after curling my hair but no nothing. Now my hair is kind of wavy naturally but could do with that omff so thought salt spray would do the trick. Now as I wasn't expecting my hair to go from straight to beach waves I was just expecting something. 

Heres a few reasons about the product, firstly the spray itself practically spits at you and is very direct. So I thought I'd put it in other spray bottles but no the formula is just so heavy and sticky it leave your hair crispy. It also smells quite funky. I'm slightly annoyed with myself because normally I would research products but I like the brand so thought it would be a safe bet. I really wanted a cheaper alternative to the TIGI or Toni & Guy salt spray but hey maybe I shouldn't try to cut corners. 

I'm going to stop now before I bore you to death with my negativity. Has anyone else used this product? Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nail Pamper Day Sunday

If you read yesterday posts you'd know I was doing my nails today. If you didn't well I bought the new Barry M matte nail polish and I was so excited to use it!

 I have been waiting so long for matte colours to be available ever since I saw OPI and Chine Glaze do a matte finish top coat. So when I saw on the blogsphere that Barry M had some I couldn't get to the shops quick enough. Although I was a little disappointed with the range of colours because there all quite dark/murky tones whereas I'm a bright pinks and orange girl.  Nevertheless I ended up buying 'Crush' which is a deep maroon red, as I though it would be a nice autumn vampy colour. For someone who never wears dark shades I am loving this colour with the matte finish.

The formula is quite thick and as it's matte dries super quick which is good or bad depending how quick you work. You don't need a top coat either which makes applying nail polish a speedy task which I'm loving. In the above pictures I only applied one ticker than normal coat which left a fully opaque nail.

I think in the past I've stayed away from dark tones because of the glossy finish so I'm absolutely in love, I might even go for a black one day...brave!

*A week later I have decided to revisit this post because I was singing BarryM's praises on application but durability not so great. As I have acrylic nails I never have a problem with chipping or the colour until about two weeks of wear. So you can imagine my disappointment when on about day 4/5 this colour had chipped and faded around the edges. This is probably because you don't apply a top coat as it's a matte finish which is annoying so I think I might invest in the OPI Matte Top Coat (or China Glaze I think they do one) and just use my colours I already own. Although they might still be worth a buy for the dark colours as normally when I've used dark tones the colour take off is horrific- it goes everywhere. So pro points to Barry M because removal was quick and easy, with the colour just on the cotton pad and not all over my fingers!*

Have you tried then? and what do you think? 

I also gave myself a cheeky pedicure.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

OOTD & A Mini Haul

Hey Everyone,

Today I went for lunch with my friends in Alton, whilst there I couldn't resist popping into Superdrug & Boots. This is mind I thought I'd show you what I wore and what I bought. Enjoy...

 It was very overcast yesterday but still quite warm so I went for the black tights and t-shirt option.

Mickey Mouse crop top/ Primark/ £8. Denim skater dungarees dress/ Primark/ £5. Black boots/ Primark/ £15. 

A lot of Primark right? But hey they delivered this summer! I love this outfit I feel it's say I'm holding onto summer but still prepared for autumn haha :).

Onto what I bought...
Superdrug: NYC "Top of the Gold" top coat/ £1.99. Barry M "Crush" Matte/ £3.99. MUA "Shade 1"/ £1. 
Boots: NIVEA Pure&Natural cleansing lotion 200ml/ £2.45. Seventeen Phwoarr Paint "Fair"/ £5.29. NIVEA Lip Butter "Vanilla & Macadamia"/ £2.25. 

 MUA Lipstick Shade 1
 I thought I'd buy this as I'm experimenting with darker shades and at £1 you really can't go wrong.

NIVEA Lip Balm
This product smells amazing although it's very waxy and you need a fair bit on your finger although it doesn't seem to melt like Vaseline. 

17 Phwoarr Paint (Heavy duty under eye concealer) Fair
 I didn't actually mean to buy this because it was fairly expensive for '17' brand but I bumped into someone panicked and ended up buying it. Although I was looking for an under eye concealer so I might be pleasantly surprised when I use it. It's quite thick and waxy instead of creamy but I'll review it once it's tried and tested :).

NYC Top of the Gold top coat
I love this burnt orange glitter and covers quite well for a glitter.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Crush
I have been looking forward to these matte polishes for so long and will be painting my nails tomorrow so watch out for a blog post on that and it'll be on my Instagram @jenfarny 

I also bought this...

I now have a set :)

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Weekend In London

Hey guys, so I fully intended to post this sunday night at the very latest monday but now it's wednesday and here we are..sorry. 

Anyway this post it just a quick what I got up to at the weekend! It was my best friend from uni's birthday who lives in London which means a big uni girl's reunion. I love travelling to London it's only about 50mins from home and a few tube stops but I love going from the country to the city. Every time I travel up there I always fantasise about when I get a good job in London and need to do the commute everyday. Some peoples hell but I love it! As I was traveling up to northish London I tried to pack light although considering my make-up took half my bag it was a struggle. Especially as I took cake!

After a lot of exciting present giving and an all you can eat buffet we got our glad rags and fake eyelashes on and went drinking in Camden. Here's some pictures of the night...

 It was so much fun dressing up and having a catch up with all the girls..I didn't get to bed till 5am. Lets just say traveling home the next day was a killer. All night I was loving my red lips and black and gold dress combo. I didn't do much with my hair cos we ran out of time from all the excitement but it worked.

Anyways it was such a good weekend especially for the birthday girl as I bought her tickets for The Big Reunion Christmas Party and we are soooo excited we nearly combusted!

Speak soon guys :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Blondes Best Friend- PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Review aka Purple Shampoo

I thought as I came to the end of my 'PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver twice a week brightening shampoo' (aka purple shampoo) it was time to write a review. I have been using this product for about 3 years and I still love it now as I did the first day I purchased it. The twice a week shampoo is a treatment for blonde/grey&white hair. It contains violet pigments to take out the brassiness, yellow tones and dullness out of blonde hair leaving it looking shiny and bright.

In my hair I have fine bleached highlights and a couple of other tones of blonde through my hair. I use this at least once a week sometimes twice, but I mainly use it on a friday so my hair is fresh and bright for when I go out at the weekend. When using this treatment I tend to wash my hair with a normal shampoo and then second shampoo with the purple shampoo followed with conditioner. I try and leave my conditioner on a bit longer because the purple shampoo seems to leave my hair very dry, although so worth it for the results. You don't have to use too much and I focus more on my ends. The product isn't thick like shampoo it's a bit more runny so easy to work with and lathers up well.

I love this shampoo so so much almost every time I use it people ask me if I've had my hair done and I'm it's my shampoo! I've had blonde hair since I was 16 and I really don't know why or how I managed without it back then, as purple shampoo has been around for years. I will be repurchasing this forever more and if your a blonde who doesn't use this treatment you really are missing out! You can buy it here and it's only £3.09..bargain especially as I feel when I use this I can wait a bit longer before going back to the salon, it also lasts a really long time. I love it so much I already have a spare ready to go.
I want to try some of the other products in the range but haven't heard much about them, have you used them? any recommendations?

Have you used this shampoo what did you think? leave me a comment I'd love to know.
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Monday, 16 September 2013

September Inspired Make-up

Hey Everyone,

Todays post I thought I would celebrate the start of autumn with a beauty twist! Now that summer has ended and autumn is well under way (especially with the so far rainy weather here in England). When September arrives it's the time of year I de-hibernate my UGGs and get out the black tights. I love autumn with the changing of the leaves, the chill in the air and the creeping dark nights. I feel it’s very mysterious and cosy.

In terms of beauty, September is the time I start applying more make-up and moving out of the fresh summer look to the slightly darker browns, reds and oranges.  So today I thought I would show you a September/Autumn inspired look which I created using more orangey/red tones. Here is everything I used to create this look…

The Face...
With my face I create a more bronzed look with gold highlight. I created this by mainly using Topshop highlighter in 'sunbeam', Bourjois chocolate bronzer and a darker cream blush by Dior. 

The Eyes...
For my eyes I created a look with more bronzed red tones which isn't too dramatic. I used Maybelline colour tattoo in 'on and on bronze' (you can see my review here) and the more reddy/bronze and gold colours in my Sleek 'storm' palette and Beauty UK 'naked' palette. 

 The Lips...
The finally with my lips I used a shimmery orange lipstick by Rimmel called 'coral on gold' which I thinks a perfect autumn colour. 

And here is the finished look...
 And a close up on my eye...

What's your September beauty favourites? 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Review

This product has been spoken about so much in the blog world for it's lasting lid colour and/or good base properties. I have been waiting to get my hands on some for ages and being jobless and all I need to be careful where I spend my money. Well today my status has changed on the job front and opportunities are on the horizon, although I'll talk about this more when I'm there and it's real!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Lipstick/Gloss Haul

I went to Boots the other day and planned exactly what I was going to buy, then Boots hit me with a buy one get one half price offer..I'm weak I know. I ended up buying 5 lip products and one of the most talked about concealers in blogshere the 'collection 2000 lasting perfection'.

From left to right in top left picture: Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar. Maybelline Baby Lips in Intense Care. Bourjois Colour Boost in Peach on the Beach. Rimmel Kate Moss in 111 (Kiss of Life). Collection Lock and Hold in Body Pop. 
(I've just noticed I've put the Rimmel and Baby lips in the wrong place in the bottom picture, sorry!)

Although I went crazy buying lip colour this week when I shouldn't, they are colours which I've wanted for a while I was just going to wait until I had a job before...woops. 

Starting with Rimmel Apocalips, I love this one it dries fairly matte and not to glossy, it's dead easy to apply and lasts a long old time. The colours a bright reddy pink which I thinks gives the perfect transition of a day to night look. 

The Baby Lips which I choose is from the no colour ones see my review here.  

Onto Bourjois 'Peach on the Beach' I've already got two shades from the Colour Boost range and if you've read my summer favourites you'll know I've been loving them all summer long, if you haven't check it out here. I really love the formula of these where you can create a real pop of colour or just a wash over the lips. There supper glossy and last a long time without smudging, all I need now is the Fuchsia Libra shade and I've got a full set!

The Rimmel Kate Moss red i picked up is a gorgeous bright deep red in a matte finish. I can't wait to wear this on my next night out! 

Last put not least is a Collection lipgloss. I've been hunting for a fairly cheap bubblegum lipgloss for a while but it's so hard to find one which isn't sticky or doesn't smell sickly sweet. This one I found isn't as bright on the lips as I wanted but it's a start, it's also not sticky and doesn't smell too sweet, so can't complain too much. 

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Vaseline vs Baby Lips

Every time in the past when I've bought Vaseline a month later it's been forgotten or lost so I've never really bought it in the last few years. Then the clever team at Vaseline bought out a Cocoa Butter one and if anyones read my previous empties post (check it out here) you will know I'm a sucker for cocoa butter! I saw it whilst queuing in Boots and instantly had to buy it, I've never really been a lip products girl but I could not resist.
I have loved using my Vaseline but I have also been determined to finish it before I buy any more lip balms as it's been with me for a while. I originally bought it for my handbag and on the go, although if any other Vaseline users read this they will probably agree that it can get rather messy and melts easily which isn't really handbag friendly. So I started getting into the routine of using it at night before I went to bed. I've loved using it at night, my lips in the morning are so soft ready for the day and the product smells so nice with it's Cocoa Butter scent. I have now finally finished my humble little tin and a new lip balm is on the horizon. Although I'm not going to repurchase this one because even with it's pro's it big con is it's very greasy and far to messy for me.

When on the hunt for a new lip balm there was only one real answer, the very much talked about Maybelline Baby Lips!
Everyones talking about them so of course I had to get my hands on at least one! I bought the 'Intense Care' one as I want to use it at night. This one doesn't have a scent or a taste like some of others I've read about, which I kind of like for a night time balm. I haven't used it much yet but so far I really like it. I really wanted to buy the 'Peach Kiss' one as well for day time to give me a slight tint whilst moisturising but sadly my Boots had run out. It's definitely on my list for next time though.

What's your favourite lip balm?

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

September Wish-list

Rimmel Apocalips: Steller/ Soap & Glory: Kick Ass Concealer/ Sleek Face Form/ Tangle Teezer/ Mac Lipstick: Bombshell/ Topshop Lipstick: Boom Boom.  

Hey Guys, 
So here is my wish-list for september. I know I know theres a lot of lip products but I'm really getting into wearing colour on my lips and right now I want to build my pinks! With the tangle teezer, I have been using it since they came out and now they've bought one out which is better for wet hair, so I really want this one to keep in the shower. Now with S&G I haven't yet tried their make-up range but I've heard a lot of good things about the concealer and really want to give it a try also because I haven't got a good note worthy concealer yet (any suggestions?). Then finally the Sleek face form, I already own the 'lace' blush trio and the contour kit but I think this would be perfect for travel and quick all in one place kind of days and it's only £10 for bronzer, highlight and blush..amazing! 

I wanted to keep this short and just show you what I would really like to try this month. What would be on your wish-list? 

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Rimmel Strawberry Fizz

I've just done a re-paint of my nails and today I've chosen a Rimmel Lasting Finish in 'Strawberry Fizz'. I love this bright pastel pink, it's just a really nice everyday pink. I've always liked Rimmels nail varnish and they come in such a range of colours at a affordable price and their easy to get your hands on. Although this one has an extra bonus.. when it dries it smells like strawberries and I must say it smells soo good. Although I'm not sure if this will damage its lasting finish or how long the scent will last but I'll get back to you on that.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Summer Favourites

Summer is slowing leaving us for another year and we have had some cracking weather, it's been so nice in England! Normally the summer months to me means work work and more work, so this year I though after leaving uni, no I'm going to enjoy some time, not working not doing anything and really enjoy the time off. I also though as I've only started this blogging thing instead of a monthly favourites I'd do my 10 summer favs. I have really enjoyed using all these bits and I'm sad to put some of them away through the winter months. So here we go my summer favourites..

Flip-flops: Primark/ Mickey Mouse crop top: Primark/ Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/ Jergans cocoa butter/ NIVEA tinted moisturiser/ Bourjois colour boost: Red sunshine & Orange punch/ Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick: 110 matte finish/ Bourjois nail varnish: Blues no blues/ Sleek blush by 3: Lace/ Boots & Superdrug loyalty cards.  

Pink Flip-Flops
I absolutely love flip flops, I wear them from about March right through to December! Although I bought these because I wanted a smarty/casual flip flop but not as far as sandals, so I went to trusty Primark and got these at a small cost of £2.50. There a very simple brown sole and pink straps and they have been perfect for the summer days shopping or a summer eve in the pub garden! I almost wish I got more colours. 

Mickey Mouse Crop Top
This top another Primark wonder and I have worn it to death. I wear it with a maxi skirt, mini skirt, dungarees, shorts (I think I'm going to do a whole post for this beauty). Anyways I've loved wearing this grey kind of faded Mickey print and I'm going to find a way to take it through the autumn! 

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
I can not say how much I love my sunglasses! It all started when I needed to start wearing glasses for long distance in February then Boots sent me a little voucher for half price prescription sunglasses, who could say no? not me. But anyway I love them there soft brown leopard print frames with a matte finish and the lens are a light brown (you can still see my eyes through but not too much). Of course the Polo Ralph Lauren logo is on the sides. I love them, they should have cost £199 but with my voucher they came down to £98..I think that was pretty good right? 

Jergens Cocoa Butter 
My trusty Jergens Cocoa Butter, I love this one it's light for an everyday moisturiser and rich for a deep conditioning. I always stock up on this when it's on offer and use it everyday. The smell it strong but not sickly and soaks into the body without leaving it sticky. Love it. 

NIVEA Tinted Moisturising Day Cream 
When it's sunny and warm I don't like to wear my thick foundation through the day so this is a lovely light summer alternative. I bought it in 'normal' but I think they do a lighter and darker one. It leaves a nice fresh finish look but enough coverage to even out the skin so I just put a sweeping of bronzer on and I'm good to go. 

On to the Lips! 
Top: Bourjois Red Sunshine
Middle: Bourjois Orange Punch
Bottom: Rimmel Kate Moss 110 Matte

Bourjois Colour Boost 
I was quite new to lip colour this summer and when I saw these in shops I thought 'why not' and picked up a couple. I did not regret it! There so glossy yet pigmented and do last a long time, not the 10 hours Bourjois claim but a long old time. I find them ever so slightly drying but it's something I can cope with! A great easy to apply colour boost on a hot day. There are four in the collection and I'm sure they'll be making an appearance in my make-up bag very soon.    
Rimmel Kate Moss Matte 
I bought this very impulsively and it's the best impulsive buy all summer. It's so pigmented and the matte finish is amazing. The colour lasts so long and surprisingly didn't dry my lips out too much. It's a coral red in the tube but on the lips comes out a brighter orange coral but I love orange so no complaints here. I really want to get a deeper red from this collection for autumn/winter. 

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel
I'm a massive nail polish hoarder I'd buy a new one every week, without fail, but never bought a Bourjois or a blue at that.  This all changed when I bought some bright pink coral heels and I thought a bright pastel blue would look so good on the toes. I then saw a few YouTubes rave about the Blues no Blues and instantly feel in love. It then never left my toes or fingers all through August, such a nice bright blue, great constancy, not crazy about the thick brush but I manage. Such a nice change to my standard pink and orange tones!

Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace
I'll be honest I'd never heard of Sleek till I started watching Youtube and reading blogs so I bought the product I'd heard about the most, the trio blush in Lace. My oh my I feel like I've been living under a rock. These colours are beautiful a perfect trio of orange, shimmer pink and a bright pink blush paired with my Real Techniques blush brush and I'm in heaven!

Last but not least..

Boots and Superdrug Loyalty Cards
This seems a silly one to add in but after revamping my everyday/go to make-up collection I have been racking up the points. The points I've made have bought my the core collections Real Technique brushes, 2 sets of eyelashes and lipsticks. It's like a beauty bonus. I get so excited going to Boots and thinking how many points I'd make and how I'm going to spend them. Love these point collecting system! 

So guys that was my summer favourites I've loved all of them so much and hope you enjoyed this post. What are your summer favourites?  

Jen :) 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

OOTD ByeBye Summer

Hey Guys,

Today I thought I'd keep it short and show you what I wore yesterday, as it was the last day of August and hot I wore my favourite denim skater dungarees dress which I simple LOVE a lot.

 Dungarees dress: Primark: £5 (I think it was down from £12 a bargain all the same) Pink heart top: New Look: £7.99.  

I loved wearing this on the hot days and I'm hoping I can take it into the Autumn with some black tights, jumper and boots, but hey we'll see!! 

Here's a close up of my make-up, quite simple with a hit of colour on my lips. 
Perfect for my Saturday jobs. 
Lips: Bourjois Colour Boost in Orange Punch

Hope you've enjoyed this post and I'll be back soon.

Byeee :)