Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nail Pamper Day Sunday

If you read yesterday posts you'd know I was doing my nails today. If you didn't well I bought the new Barry M matte nail polish and I was so excited to use it!

 I have been waiting so long for matte colours to be available ever since I saw OPI and Chine Glaze do a matte finish top coat. So when I saw on the blogsphere that Barry M had some I couldn't get to the shops quick enough. Although I was a little disappointed with the range of colours because there all quite dark/murky tones whereas I'm a bright pinks and orange girl.  Nevertheless I ended up buying 'Crush' which is a deep maroon red, as I though it would be a nice autumn vampy colour. For someone who never wears dark shades I am loving this colour with the matte finish.

The formula is quite thick and as it's matte dries super quick which is good or bad depending how quick you work. You don't need a top coat either which makes applying nail polish a speedy task which I'm loving. In the above pictures I only applied one ticker than normal coat which left a fully opaque nail.

I think in the past I've stayed away from dark tones because of the glossy finish so I'm absolutely in love, I might even go for a black one day...brave!

*A week later I have decided to revisit this post because I was singing BarryM's praises on application but durability not so great. As I have acrylic nails I never have a problem with chipping or the colour until about two weeks of wear. So you can imagine my disappointment when on about day 4/5 this colour had chipped and faded around the edges. This is probably because you don't apply a top coat as it's a matte finish which is annoying so I think I might invest in the OPI Matte Top Coat (or China Glaze I think they do one) and just use my colours I already own. Although they might still be worth a buy for the dark colours as normally when I've used dark tones the colour take off is horrific- it goes everywhere. So pro points to Barry M because removal was quick and easy, with the colour just on the cotton pad and not all over my fingers!*

Have you tried then? and what do you think? 

I also gave myself a cheeky pedicure.

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