Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Review

This product has been spoken about so much in the blog world for it's lasting lid colour and/or good base properties. I have been waiting to get my hands on some for ages and being jobless and all I need to be careful where I spend my money. Well today my status has changed on the job front and opportunities are on the horizon, although I'll talk about this more when I'm there and it's real!

Feeling pretty happy with myself I strolled into Boot's with their buy one get one half price offer and I thought today is the day. I picked up two shades of cult product 'Maybeline Colour Tattoo' in 'Permanent Taupe' and 'On and On Bronze'.

Lets start with Permanent Taupe.
(Sorry the lid is out of focus I don't know what was going on)

At first glance it's a shimmer less grey/brown colour with a minor glossy shine. On swatching it comes out more grey than brown and I would say was quite matte with very slight shimmer. On swatching, I first used my finger which gives a nice blend of colour but I much prefer using a brush. (A couple of reasons I prefer a brush is because the colour glides on better with a bolder colour and also I have long nails so using my finger can get messy.)

On application I used a smallish brush, I loved the way it glides on the lid. Although as I was using a brush the colour was quite bold and very grey so needed blending out with my finger which then left I nice grey shade. I think this colour will work really nicely for a smokey eye base or a quick day to night change.

The second shade I bought was On and On Bronze.
This one is a beautiful rose gold shimmery colour, I'm instantly in love. Swatching this colour with a brush and my finger the coverage is quite similar, the colour comes out very shimmery almost glittery and a bit darker than it looks in the pot.
I love the colour on application just as much as I love the pot colour. The shade on the lid makes me think of the perfect autumn colour with its gorgeous redy gold tones. This is definitely my favourite out of the two.
This picture doesn't do the colour justice, but I really would recommend this as a beautifully perfect autumn cream shade.

I am so please with these purchases, they really did live up to there talked about greatness. I think the pinky shades will be added to my collection soon :).

Do you guys love them as much as me? let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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