Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Summer Favourites

Summer is slowing leaving us for another year and we have had some cracking weather, it's been so nice in England! Normally the summer months to me means work work and more work, so this year I though after leaving uni, no I'm going to enjoy some time, not working not doing anything and really enjoy the time off. I also though as I've only started this blogging thing instead of a monthly favourites I'd do my 10 summer favs. I have really enjoyed using all these bits and I'm sad to put some of them away through the winter months. So here we go my summer favourites..

Flip-flops: Primark/ Mickey Mouse crop top: Primark/ Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/ Jergans cocoa butter/ NIVEA tinted moisturiser/ Bourjois colour boost: Red sunshine & Orange punch/ Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick: 110 matte finish/ Bourjois nail varnish: Blues no blues/ Sleek blush by 3: Lace/ Boots & Superdrug loyalty cards.  

Pink Flip-Flops
I absolutely love flip flops, I wear them from about March right through to December! Although I bought these because I wanted a smarty/casual flip flop but not as far as sandals, so I went to trusty Primark and got these at a small cost of £2.50. There a very simple brown sole and pink straps and they have been perfect for the summer days shopping or a summer eve in the pub garden! I almost wish I got more colours. 

Mickey Mouse Crop Top
This top another Primark wonder and I have worn it to death. I wear it with a maxi skirt, mini skirt, dungarees, shorts (I think I'm going to do a whole post for this beauty). Anyways I've loved wearing this grey kind of faded Mickey print and I'm going to find a way to take it through the autumn! 

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
I can not say how much I love my sunglasses! It all started when I needed to start wearing glasses for long distance in February then Boots sent me a little voucher for half price prescription sunglasses, who could say no? not me. But anyway I love them there soft brown leopard print frames with a matte finish and the lens are a light brown (you can still see my eyes through but not too much). Of course the Polo Ralph Lauren logo is on the sides. I love them, they should have cost £199 but with my voucher they came down to £98..I think that was pretty good right? 

Jergens Cocoa Butter 
My trusty Jergens Cocoa Butter, I love this one it's light for an everyday moisturiser and rich for a deep conditioning. I always stock up on this when it's on offer and use it everyday. The smell it strong but not sickly and soaks into the body without leaving it sticky. Love it. 

NIVEA Tinted Moisturising Day Cream 
When it's sunny and warm I don't like to wear my thick foundation through the day so this is a lovely light summer alternative. I bought it in 'normal' but I think they do a lighter and darker one. It leaves a nice fresh finish look but enough coverage to even out the skin so I just put a sweeping of bronzer on and I'm good to go. 

On to the Lips! 
Top: Bourjois Red Sunshine
Middle: Bourjois Orange Punch
Bottom: Rimmel Kate Moss 110 Matte

Bourjois Colour Boost 
I was quite new to lip colour this summer and when I saw these in shops I thought 'why not' and picked up a couple. I did not regret it! There so glossy yet pigmented and do last a long time, not the 10 hours Bourjois claim but a long old time. I find them ever so slightly drying but it's something I can cope with! A great easy to apply colour boost on a hot day. There are four in the collection and I'm sure they'll be making an appearance in my make-up bag very soon.    
Rimmel Kate Moss Matte 
I bought this very impulsively and it's the best impulsive buy all summer. It's so pigmented and the matte finish is amazing. The colour lasts so long and surprisingly didn't dry my lips out too much. It's a coral red in the tube but on the lips comes out a brighter orange coral but I love orange so no complaints here. I really want to get a deeper red from this collection for autumn/winter. 

Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel
I'm a massive nail polish hoarder I'd buy a new one every week, without fail, but never bought a Bourjois or a blue at that.  This all changed when I bought some bright pink coral heels and I thought a bright pastel blue would look so good on the toes. I then saw a few YouTubes rave about the Blues no Blues and instantly feel in love. It then never left my toes or fingers all through August, such a nice bright blue, great constancy, not crazy about the thick brush but I manage. Such a nice change to my standard pink and orange tones!

Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace
I'll be honest I'd never heard of Sleek till I started watching Youtube and reading blogs so I bought the product I'd heard about the most, the trio blush in Lace. My oh my I feel like I've been living under a rock. These colours are beautiful a perfect trio of orange, shimmer pink and a bright pink blush paired with my Real Techniques blush brush and I'm in heaven!

Last but not least..

Boots and Superdrug Loyalty Cards
This seems a silly one to add in but after revamping my everyday/go to make-up collection I have been racking up the points. The points I've made have bought my the core collections Real Technique brushes, 2 sets of eyelashes and lipsticks. It's like a beauty bonus. I get so excited going to Boots and thinking how many points I'd make and how I'm going to spend them. Love these point collecting system! 

So guys that was my summer favourites I've loved all of them so much and hope you enjoyed this post. What are your summer favourites?  

Jen :) 

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