Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review Thursday: MUA Lipstick

Hey Guys, 

I can't believe it's Thursday already? I swear days are just flying by. Anyways today I'm going to give my review on the MUA lipsticks. I have three shades. 

I'll kick off with the packaging, I like it, it's very clean and sleek. I love the fact that it has the pots of colour at the bottom which is useable product, it also makes it easier to store and see what you have. The only downside is that they don't have names like most lippys, just numbers. I have (left to right) shade 15, shade 1 and shade 3. 

Onto the formula. These lipsticks are really creamy, I wouldn't say there matte but there not sheeny, just a really nice creamy texture which just glides on your lips. Although the pigment differs on shades. I find the dark colours give a much better coverage and last a lot longer than the paler colours. Originally I bought the light pink and bright/dark pink because I was trying out lipsticks and wanted like an everyday easy shade then a brighter colour to smarten up a look. 

The pale pink was such a disappointment it made my lips look all cracked and dry, which they weren't at the time, but I just though meh only cost a pound. Then when I used the brighter pink I was amazed with the quality I loved it, the colour is so bold and long lasting even with food and drink consumed, I'm talking like 7 hours! After this great result I went and bought a deep red, again for experimenting but I like it more than pricier drugstore brands. I'm quite fancying the bright orange in the collection. 

Quite a quick review today as theres not too much to say about these products. I would defiantly recommend them, they are perfect for chucking in your handbag and experimenting. You can pick them up in Superdrug but the website doesn't seem to have all the colours but you can still check them out here. Only a £1, yes one pound. Amazing. 

All that's left to say is the dark shades are brilliant but you should probably avoid the lighter colours :).

Hope this post comes in use to you. What do you guys thing of the MUA lipsticks I would love to here your opinions! 

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