Sunday, 6 October 2013

Super Beauty Sunday

After a bust Saturday clearing and sorting my clothes I've had an equally busy Sunday so I'm going to share what I got up to. 

I washed my make-up brushes...

 I just used this Radox hand wash because it was anti-bacterial then swirled them on a bar of soap for a bit of conditioning. I them popped them in the airing cupboard to dry. I was so happy to how well the Real Technique brushes cleaned (as it's the first time) but I was very disappointed at my Mac 217 a couple of the bristles came out and it's dried a little out of shape. Has anyone else had this?

Next I painted my nails...

For this I used NYX Matte blue but put a clear top coat over the top to add shine. Then on my ring finger I used Topshops 'Adrenaline' which is a gorgeous purple pink. Topshop glitter polishes are definitely the best glitters I've come across. 

I then went shopping with my Mummy...

I bought this lush flowery red, white and black pattern maxi dress with a crochet black high neck and black beading detail. I love this dress it was on the sale at M&Co from £35 down to £20. Pretty good especially as it will be good for winter and next summer. 

I also bought a few beauty bits... Natural Collection blush in peach melba, Natural Collection eyeshadow in white opal, Barry M Matte polish in expresso, Palmer's cocoa body scrub and finally Maybelline super stay 24 foundation in Nude.

I love the Natural Collection blushes and already have 'pink cloud' which is featuring in my September favourite which is up I'm slowly extending my collection. The eyeshadow I bought I thought my be nice in the corner of my eye and for brow highlight. After buying Barry M matte nail polish last week where I posted saying I was going to try a black (read it here)..well I did just that and bought it in 'expresso'!
With the foundation I bought this is a big deal to me because ever since buying my first foundation in 2009 I have never changed. I've stuck with the same brand but I'm scared of foundation change.

Now I'm just chilling out in my Dad's old jumper before I cook dinner for the rents...

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