Saturday, 19 October 2013

Mini Autumn Hall

Hey Guys,

I am currently really feeling the Autumn vibes. Getting home from work on a Friday night being able to chuck on your comfy jumper and snuggle up in bed with no set time you need to get out of it haha. Well I choose to get up Saturday and go shopping, I needed to go get my nails done anyways so I went to a small town close to me called Farnham. Now Farnham I'm pretty sure the town sees me coming and knows all the money I have will be spent in a very short time there. Well yeah that happened. 

Lets start with whats on my nails. Very Autumnal if I don't say so myself, I love the maroons and deep reds when it comes to October added with my love for orange in glitter form. 
 I'm sorry to say I don't know the colour because the stickers weren't on the bottom :(

Not to babble on, check out my Autumn buys! 

Lets start with Boots. I love Farnham Boots not sure why I just feel so relaxed, I know where everything is and the staff are super friendly. I only bought a couple of lipsticks and nail varnishes but I love them all.

Although these two lipsticks practically look the same there really not. First one I bought was a Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon which is a nice deep dusty pink with small flicks of shimmer. The second is a Natural Collection Moisture Shine in Rose Bud which is deeper not so dusty pink but a hint of purple. 

Swatchy watchy: Top is Revlon/ Bottom is Natural Collection 

Next onto the nail varnishes. I am normally a bright pastel colour lover and not so much the darkish bright colours but when I saw these I feel in love big time! The first is like a burnt orange and the red is a ruby red. I love the Sinful Colour polishes, there so cheap and have a fab colour range but the official names for these are Courtney Orange and Sugar Sugar.

Next stop was Peacocks. Now don't underestimate Peacocks every now and again the have such lush stuff. The bits I picked up today I've had my eye on for a while but never purchased them. First up are these cute silver earrings, I especially love the little owls.

Second is this beaut tarten jumper. I love it, I really want to get a black skirt to wear underneath with its collar popping out paired with disco pants and black grungy boots. I think that would look so cute.

That's it guys everything I've bought hope you enjoyed this post, what's getting you into the Autumn mood? 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the second instalment of Storage Sundays where I'm going to show you how I store my nail varnishes. 

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