Thursday, 31 October 2013

I Love Halloween!!

Normally on a Thursday I like to do my weekly reviews on products and such but as it's my favourite day of the year I thought I'd do a Halloween special post. The last four years on Halloween I've been at university, which meant dressing up, going to a club and having themed red drinks. I can remember each year like it was yesterday and they are within the best nights of my uni time. This years a bit different as most my friends are in the working world (that I haven't stepped into yet without lack of trying) it's a bit difficult to arrange a night out on a school night.

I love Halloween, it's my favourite time of year. I'm not sure why I love it I just do. I think it could be because it's like officially Autumn where the leaves have turned colours but still on the trees and it's sunny but you need coat. It's like the comfy season and who doesn't like be comfy!

Even though I haven't dressed up I've still partaken in the Halloween traditions, which is what I'm going to share with you. Heres what I got up to...

 Pumpkin carving.

I named him Godfrey.

 Pumpkin soup making. For the soup I used a recipe from BBC Good Food (here) although I added some cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper then replaced the double cream with creme fraiche.

I wanted to bake some Halloween treats but with dieting and all I made some cute little banana ghosts!

If I wasn't going to be dressing up I was definitely painting my nails at least! I went with this bright orange with very fine glitter from 'Sinful Colors' in Courtney orange. Halloween nails aren't complete without a creepy cobweb, it's a little messy but I like it.

I'm still gutted I'm not dressing up but I've had a great day and so excited that Halloween is on a Friday next year!

Heres some snaps from my previous Halloweens.

What did you get up to for Halloween? Do you love it or hate it?

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