Saturday, 5 October 2013

Clearing out my wardrobe!

Hey Guys,

After reading Miss Budget Beauty's post on "Condensing your closet without condensing your wardrobe" it gave me inspiration to go through all my clothes and wardrobes. Before I went through my clothes, my wardrobe spilled over into my brothers wardrobe, another half wardrobe, a double hanging rail, two chest of draws and draws under bed. I've also lost a fair bit of weight and haven't gone through my clothes properly since I can last remember so it was time for a clean up/ tidy up.

I empty my wardrobe onto my bed and tried everything on. It took a lot longer than I initially expected.

This is the moment I lost my TV remote on the bed. Nightmare. 

This was all hoodies & jumpers, how have a manage to collect so many!

It took me about 2 hours to get to the stage where I had different sections: smart work, casual work, clubbing dresses, smart/casual tops, casual tops, jumpers, hoodies, cardigans, jeans, leggings, summer wear, clothes to sell, charity shop, salvation army and finally when I loose a little more weight.

As you can see from the pictures below my wardrobe is still very packed but I have condensed all my clothes to one and a half wardrobes, 2 draws and a draw under my bed. I think I've done well!

My double wardrobe has the everyday, nightwear to daywear stuff. 

My half wardrobe is all my hoodie and cardigans I don't wear that often. 

My two chest of draws have pjs and sportswear at the bottom then jeans, leggings, bra's and t-shirts. 

My draw under the bed is summer and fancy dress stuff.

I'm pretty chuffed with my self and I've found some bits and pieces which I completely forgot I had and I've fell in love with jeans now that they actually fit. Dieting is proving useful for clearing space but it's so upsetting getting rid of dresses I've loved for years!

Now all I need is those nifty skinny hangers!

What's inspired you to do something lately? 

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