Sunday, 20 October 2013

Storage Sunday: Nails

Hi Guys,

Last week saw my 'Storage Sunday' series kick off starting with make-up, this week it's nails. 

Although I have a lot of nail colours I try and keep them condensed and all my nails bits together. I store it all in one of my shelves in my wardrobe.  

At the back of this shelf is stuff I don't use very often like false nails, nail glue, spare clippers and intense pedicure stuff. The bottom pink box has my hair extensions in just because it was stackable. Then in the purple storage is my nail colours. 

 In the box I have all my colours, a nail fan, curial nail, a couple of files and two separators.
When I first started storing my varnishes like this I coded them all with those little red stickers you see but now I've changed it to just using a multi media much quicker. 

 In this cream tin with the little birdie I keep my ped egg, nail tools, nail files, nail wraps and stick ons. Then lined up next to it is my nail varnish removers and hand creams.

 That's it guys, not much to say about my nail storage as it's quite basic and tucked away. I would love to have something on the walls you know like they have in salons so all the colours are on show, but maybes that's for when I move out. One thing to mention in Primark nail files, I love em, they cost £1 and you get 4 or 6 I can't remember but you also get a little carrier.

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