Sunday, 27 October 2013

Storage Sunday: Hair

Hey Guys, 

It's the third week of me showing you how I store all my beauty products. Last week was nails and this week I present my hair storage, mine is split into three sections (almost): electrical, everyday and open spare/sporadic use. 

Lets start with everyday use, if you've read my make-up storage you'd know I have a dressing table and on top I keep my make-up on one side (if you haven't you can read it here). On the other side I keep my everyday hair bits. 

The products I keep out and use on a day to day basis are: hairspray, heat protection, leave-in conditioner and volume moose. I always without fail use heat protection and leave in after I wash my hair and before blowdrying. Then when I'm having straight hair or doing something special I tend to use the volume moose.

 Next to my everyday products I keep this little basket of all the little bits. In there I have hair ties, bobbie pins, tangle teezer, comb, circular brush (not sure of it's real name), one roller (just for my fringe really) and L'oreal serum (review coming soon!).

The second section is the electrical items, they just sit in a little thing underneath. Quite easy just my GHD dryer, GHD straighteners and my Babyliss curling wand. I really couldn't live without these!

Last but not least this draw contains all my extra products which are open and don't really get used that often.

Not many exciting things in just rollers, extra clips, oils, hair scissors and extra products. 

That's it, I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoying the series. I posted an OOTD today if you fancy a read and if you want to know what I've been up to recently i posted a 'catch up with me' post which you can find here.

Thank you all for your comments and follows on Bloglovin' I love finding new blogs and seeing what others think of the big wide beauty world :)

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