Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review Thursday: Joey Essex Beach Spray

Hey Everyone,

I know it's quite a strange product to be reviewing but bare with me. I have been on the hunt for a cheapish salt spray and have been disappoint with  previous purchases so while watching TOWIE I thought oh Joey Essex released a salt spray. While in TESCO's last Saturday I saw it was on offer so I bought it, you can find it here for £2.99.

I was quite attracted to this because the style of spray it is. I've always liked the wider spray as I have such a lot of hair I need high coverage and light formula, otherwise my hair will just be wet and crispy. When I got it home and read the back it says it should: get the beach-side look, add texture and definition, easy to wash out, suitable for short or long hair and finally has the Joey Essex scent. So far so good.

The first thing I did was take a sniff as I wondered what this Joey Essex smell was and well evidently it smelted like boy, which is quite nice but not sure about for girls? Although when I sprayed it on my hair the smell doesn't linger and doesn't make my hair smell which is a slight relief.

Onto application. In the picture on the left I have the right hand side of my hair with the product and left is my natural 'I had straight hair yesterday and slept on it' hair. My natural hair in the picture is actually a nice wave but normally it's a bit more uneven and have funny kinks in. So I wanted a salt spray to liven it up and give a bit more texture, especially when styled in a pony tail and want it to look more messy than slick rick.

I feel the Joey Essex spray has given my hair a little more texture and gives a slightly messier look which I'm pleasantly surprised with. I bought this on the off chance it might work because come on this is Joey Essex we're talking about (just to mention I do love Joey so no hate here) and I'm very happy with the product. Yes it smells like boy in the bottle but it's the nice boy smell, you know the one, but one on the hair it doesn't transfer. The product isn't sticky and doesn't leave my hair crispy, it dries quickly and it's really easy to work with.  

It the next picture both sides of my hair have been sprayed and you can see the difference from the above picture.

Whilst being really happy with this product I do want to point out some cons, although few. I found that you need to use a fair bit of the product because the formula is so light, but this could be because my hair is very thick and long. The second con is that the spray didn't hold all day. Towards the end of the day the messy beach look faded and just left me with slightly frizzy hair, although again this could have been because of the misty weather we've been having down south.

As you can see the cons are workable and being so happy with the original result I can definitely deal with it. I don't think it would work amazingly on straight hair which is why I still want to invest in the TIGI salt spray which was in my October wishlist (read it here). Although at the moment I just wanted something which I can use quickly in the morning instead of straightening. I'm really looking forward to using this when I've curled my hair as I think it would work well.

Well done Mr Essex, one happy (surprised) camper here. Wow this was a lengthy post but I hope you enjoyed it and it comes of use to you.

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  1. Joey Essex does a Salt Spray for women!