Monday, 7 October 2013

September Favourites

Hey Guys,

It's the first monday of the month so it's time for my September favourites YAY!
(I will apologise the photos aren't the best I'm trying to work out the best background for my images. If anyone has any tips that would be amazing!)

UGG Australia 'classic mini'/ GHD Hairdryer/ Superdrug Lashes 'volume edition 21'/ Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner/ Infinite Aloe skin care cream/ Maybelline Baby Lips 'peach kiss'/ Rimmel Kate Moss '111 Kiss of life'/ Natural Collection blush 'pink cloud'/ 

I'm going to get straight into it and break it down as to why..

Natural Collection Blush: I have loved using this blush because it's a nice natural colour for pale skin just to add a light colour for the daytime. It's not amazing pigmented but I like that because it makes it easy to apply and build especially for daytime use. My two lip products have been very much loved this past month. The baby lips has been so handy to brighten up a natural look perfect for work and on the go application. Then the Kate Moss lippy has been great to transform my day make-up to the evening with such little effort. It's also the perfect red for my fairly pale skin and can be worn in the day without looking over done. 

In the next section I'll firstly apologise for the lashes not being in the best state- I have worn them a couple of times and cut the box a bit so it was smaller for travel. Other than that they have been amazing, they add that something special to a smokey eye but can also be worn for a less dramatic look. The glue they came with was a bit naff so I used Eyelure other than that 10/10 Superdrug! 
My Collection 2000 felt tip liner is so easy to use and so quick to apply which is brilliant for first thing in the morning. I've done a more detailed review of this if you would like to read it here. 
Finally in this image the Infinite Aloe skin cream, now I use this after I've washed my face before I go to bed and it's amazing! My dry skin drinks it up and I wake up with baby soft skin, it also repairs and replenishes my skin and I love it. It is a little pricey but my Mum bought loads of it one time and it lasted so long. As it's a strange one I've added the link here if you want to check it out.

(A few swatches for above products)
Right to left: Rimmel/ Maybelline/ Collection 2000/ Natural Collection. 

My UGGs are my babies. I asked my Mum year after year to have a pair but she never let in because of the price, so one Christmas I worked my ass off to buy some for myself. Now every time I wear them I remember exactly why I spent the money and I love them just as much as I did when I first got them! I got the mini ones because I'm quite tall and I literally love them so much. I'm just so happy it's cold enough to wear them again and a bonus I can wear them to work!

 And finally my GHD hairdryer. WARNING when you use one of these you will probably never be able to use an average hairdryer again. I never knew a hair dryer could be this good and I feel I can't even explain why I love it- I just do. The only way I can explain is by explaining the difference in the finish compared to my old dryer. Before when I would dry my hair I would have to straighten it because naturally it's a nice wave but with frizz and fluffiness, although with my GHD dryer I can just dry and I'm good, no frizz just smooth natural waves. Bottom line I love it.

So that's been my September favourites I hope you've enjoyed this post. Please like, comment and don't forget to give me a follow on here and bloglovin' :)

What's been your favourites this month? 

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