Monday, 9 September 2013

Lipstick/Gloss Haul

I went to Boots the other day and planned exactly what I was going to buy, then Boots hit me with a buy one get one half price offer..I'm weak I know. I ended up buying 5 lip products and one of the most talked about concealers in blogshere the 'collection 2000 lasting perfection'.

From left to right in top left picture: Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar. Maybelline Baby Lips in Intense Care. Bourjois Colour Boost in Peach on the Beach. Rimmel Kate Moss in 111 (Kiss of Life). Collection Lock and Hold in Body Pop. 
(I've just noticed I've put the Rimmel and Baby lips in the wrong place in the bottom picture, sorry!)

Although I went crazy buying lip colour this week when I shouldn't, they are colours which I've wanted for a while I was just going to wait until I had a job before...woops. 

Starting with Rimmel Apocalips, I love this one it dries fairly matte and not to glossy, it's dead easy to apply and lasts a long old time. The colours a bright reddy pink which I thinks gives the perfect transition of a day to night look. 

The Baby Lips which I choose is from the no colour ones see my review here.  

Onto Bourjois 'Peach on the Beach' I've already got two shades from the Colour Boost range and if you've read my summer favourites you'll know I've been loving them all summer long, if you haven't check it out here. I really love the formula of these where you can create a real pop of colour or just a wash over the lips. There supper glossy and last a long time without smudging, all I need now is the Fuchsia Libra shade and I've got a full set!

The Rimmel Kate Moss red i picked up is a gorgeous bright deep red in a matte finish. I can't wait to wear this on my next night out! 

Last put not least is a Collection lipgloss. I've been hunting for a fairly cheap bubblegum lipgloss for a while but it's so hard to find one which isn't sticky or doesn't smell sickly sweet. This one I found isn't as bright on the lips as I wanted but it's a start, it's also not sticky and doesn't smell too sweet, so can't complain too much. 

That's my little lips haul for you, hope you enjoyed this post. Please give me a follow on here on on Bloglovin (I follow back) and also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @jenfarny :)   

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