Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Blondes Best Friend- PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Review aka Purple Shampoo

I thought as I came to the end of my 'PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver twice a week brightening shampoo' (aka purple shampoo) it was time to write a review. I have been using this product for about 3 years and I still love it now as I did the first day I purchased it. The twice a week shampoo is a treatment for blonde/grey&white hair. It contains violet pigments to take out the brassiness, yellow tones and dullness out of blonde hair leaving it looking shiny and bright.

In my hair I have fine bleached highlights and a couple of other tones of blonde through my hair. I use this at least once a week sometimes twice, but I mainly use it on a friday so my hair is fresh and bright for when I go out at the weekend. When using this treatment I tend to wash my hair with a normal shampoo and then second shampoo with the purple shampoo followed with conditioner. I try and leave my conditioner on a bit longer because the purple shampoo seems to leave my hair very dry, although so worth it for the results. You don't have to use too much and I focus more on my ends. The product isn't thick like shampoo it's a bit more runny so easy to work with and lathers up well.

I love this shampoo so so much almost every time I use it people ask me if I've had my hair done and I'm it's my shampoo! I've had blonde hair since I was 16 and I really don't know why or how I managed without it back then, as purple shampoo has been around for years. I will be repurchasing this forever more and if your a blonde who doesn't use this treatment you really are missing out! You can buy it here and it's only £3.09..bargain especially as I feel when I use this I can wait a bit longer before going back to the salon, it also lasts a really long time. I love it so much I already have a spare ready to go.
I want to try some of the other products in the range but haven't heard much about them, have you used them? any recommendations?

Have you used this shampoo what did you think? leave me a comment I'd love to know.
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