Saturday, 11 January 2014

2014 Wishlist/ To-Do List

Hey Guys,

Every month I always post a monthly wish-list but as it's the beginning of the year I thought I would post a yearly list. I'm not one for making New Years resolutions but these are some things that I would really like to happen this year however there not exactly things that I can do overnight they take a bit of time to achieve. You could call this my 2014 To-Do list.

1. Firstly I would really like to move out!  I currently live at home with my Mum and Dad and well I'm 22 and would really like my own space. I was at uni for 4 years and loved having the freedom of cooking when I want, sitting in the living room and just leaving my stuff where I want to without being told off. I'm not saying I'm a messy person or that living at home is hell, it would just be nice that if I put something somewhere it wont get moved. My plan now is as soon as my job goes fully permanent (hopefully in March) I will start looking for a flat with one of my best friends, Tom. I'm not planning on moving far away from home but I want to be closer to my friends and living closer to town as at the moment I live in the middle of nowhere..theres not even a local pub!

2. Secondly I would like to buy myself a car. I was very lucky when I was 17 to be given one for my birthday, which sadly died about 20 months ago..RIP little fiat bravo. For now I'm borrowing my Mum's old car which I'll either buy off her or buy myself a different car depending on my financial situation.

3. 2013 for me was all about get my head together, you know get the positive thinking going. Which now I would say I'm quite a positive person and always look for the good out of a bad situation. This year is all about my body. This year I really want to get my body healthy and happy. Now I've had a head start on this one as I started losing weight in July last year, so my relationship with food is a lot healthier. Although this year I want to continue my weight loss, get to my goal weight but also be able to maintain it!

4. I also this year want to get back into my sports I used to play. I used to love playing football and cricket but had to stop because I occurred a bicep injury. Now that that's better I really should get back into it! Or at least I want to do a mud run or something a bit crazy haha.

5. My last thing I really want to do this year is get my blogging hat on and really go for it. I want to get involved with other bloggers, getting involved in the blogging community and really make my blog a blog worth reading. I might even start looking into getting my own domain name.

Right that's it, there all do-able they just need a little time, money, determination and a little pixi dust!

I'll just quickly mention, I would normally be posting my beauty wish-list on the second week of the month but I've decided that because I'm going to be posting two beauty and two lifestyle posts a month, every monday, I'm going to do them alternatively. So as last week saw my 2013 beauty favourites (read me) I'll be posting a lifestyle this Monday!

The lifestyle post thats coming to you on Monday has taken me quite a while to feel comfortable about posting, so check back then to see what it's about. Thats all from me for now, so I hope everyone is having a good weekend and I'll speak to you Monday :).


  1. Great to do list! I also really want to move out from home, at the moment I'm not really financially ready to do so, but maybe in the near future. I'm definitely on the same track as you with going for it on my blog!

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  2. thanks. Yeah me moving out and buying a car are both financially dependant.
    I want to get my own domain soon so I might have to ask you some questions! also how do you get your like your links on your comments like you do? looks so much better than typing it all out! xx

  3. Great list, the postive thinking is one I want to do more as well :)

    xo Mélane
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