Friday, 29 November 2013

Handbag Therapy.

Hey Guys,

Today I thought I'd share with you something which is kind of a big deal for me. To normal folk this will seem a little crazy so I bring it to my fellow beauty/fashion bloggers for support! I have been using the same handbag since January, just a standard tan coloured tote bag from Dorothy Perkins. I think it cost me like £15, but it has probably been the most stable thing in my life since picking it up. Yes I might sound crazy now. I normally chop and change a handbag like my outfit whether it's buying new ones or recycling old, I simply just love handbags. So for me to use the same handbag for nearly 11 months is a big deal and I'm quite attached. Now let me start making sense of why this post is viable. I recently got a job and graduated (yaaayy!)(see post here) so my mum bought me a new black handbag from Zara as a congratulations gift. I technically picked out the bag as a Christmas present but she gave it to me in the mist of celebrations. I love it, it's beautiful, although coming to transfer my thing to it, I'm having a bit of separation anxiety from my trusty tan tote. Yes I am definitely crazy. Is this normal, can someone help me out here?

Anyways to make it easier for me to change bags I'm going to do a 'What crap have I got in my old bag and needs sorting before going into my new bag' post!

Here is all the crap in my old bag..

 Purse, shopping list pad, hand sanitiser, post it notes, 2013 diary (which I haven't written in since March), mini impulse spray, broken Rimmel stay matte powder, headphones, a hair tie, a broken mirror, digital camera, Elephant make-up bag, Kalms tablets, Twinnings detox tea bag, Vaseline lip balm, Ibuprofen, empty NIVA lip gloss, SMINT mints, keys, hay-fever tablets, travel tangle teezer, nail file, a CD which I have no idea whats on it, gloves, notepad, curlers, reusable bag, pencil case, umbrella and a comb.

This is probably why I change bags so often, it's the only time I clear them out!

Now for my shiny new bags entry! Drum roll please..
(just to point out I'm struggling to get my lighting right now it's not sunny in the UK)

This is my new Zara bag, it's from the basics range called 'shopper with rings' and cost £39.99 you can find it here. They have so many nice bags at Zara at present but I like this one because it's got that sturdy shape unlike my tan one which is very flimsily. I'm not sure what material it is but it's so so soft. As you can see it's black with gold hard ware with a zip pocket at the front it's handles are perfect for forearm resting and just big enough for over the shoulder, but I wouldn't be so sure with a big coat on, although it does have a longer strap for the shoulder but I'm not sure if I like it. Inside it's all one big compartment with two small pockets on one side but no zips. What I quite like is you know nowadays bags have a phone pocket which is never big enough, this bag has one wide almost sleeve where my Iphone 5s fits perfectly.

Here's whats been decluttered and put back into my new bag and really the essentials I always carry around.

With all the odd bits neatly in my elephant make-up bag.

I don't tend to carry around a lot of make-up because I just chop and change depending to what I'm up to and what I will most likely need, so it tends to be the lipstick I'm wearing, an eyeliner and powder.

Well I feel so much better with the changing bags process, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thank you blogging your therapy service has been amazing. Now all my stuffs in the new bag I love it even more and so excited to get out there and use it! I still feel quite sad leaving my tan bag behind but it's been a pleasure my old friend and I will never forget you.

I hope you've all enjoyed this post driven by my madness, although I must apologise that the pictures aren't to clever, I need to play about with what lighting I can get where in my house. I'm also going to try and get an outfit post done this weekend featuring my new handbag so you can see it better.

I hope you have that Friday feeling and have a good weekend, I'll be back tomorrow with a special post so stayed turned and don't forget to comment and follow!


  1. omg i can't believe how much stuff you had in your bag! haha.
    I love Zara bags, so classic.
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

    1. It's absolutely insane the amount of crap I had in there, so glad I've cleared it out! xx