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Latest in Beauty 'The Glamour Beauty Edit' Box Opening and Reviews.

Hey Guys,

I never been a subscriber or ever purchased a beauty box, purely because I can't afford it right now, but it's something I've always been interested in. When I saw this box on my friends Instagram I had buy it because it contained three products I've always wanted to try. I've had this box for nearly 2 weeks now and haven't touched any products yet because I wanted to not only show you whats in the box but also a review from first time use kind of thing. Whilst giving these reviews I'm literally testing as I write.

The box I bought was from 'Latest in Beauty' which is designed to let you try before you buy kind of deal. Although this box they have created by pairing up with GLAMOUR magazine and have picked the ultimate party must haves to get you through the party season. If you want to check them out you can here. This box cost me £14.95 +P&P and it's products are worth £65 what a steal!

The box itself is a lovely sleek black box with gold trimmings with all the products nested on a shredded paper layer, all sealed in a lining of tissue paper with a gold sticker. Worst description ever, but what I'm trying to say is the packaging is really nice and presented beautifully.

Once you've opened up the tissue paper all the products are laid out waiting for you, theres 7 products in total which is a bargain for the price you pay. There are also two cards in there one which is a note from Alessandra Steinherr (Beauty Director, GLAMOUR magazine) and a short run down of what the box contains. The other card is special offers of the products in the box if you wanted to go on and buy full size ones. Heres what the box contains and my initial thoughts...

Toni&Guy Glamour firm hold hairspray 75ml I haven't used this one yet because I'm not a big everyday hair spray user but the packaging is like a caramel colour which is nice. The smell of the spray is surprisingly pleasant as I find some just smell like plastic and vodka mixed together. I normally use hairspray for when I curl my hair and I tend to spray it on my hands first then scrunch into my hair. When I spray this on my hand it doesn't feel sticky which is a good sign and the smell left is kind of fruit and soapy. Overall I'm quite excited to use this on my hair and I'll get back to you on how it goes.

Philip Kingsley One More Day dry shampoo 50ml This is a little smaller than the hairspray bottle but a very good handbag size for on the go. The packaging is white with reddy brown writing and it doesn't really smell of much unlike normal drugstore dry shampoos. As soon as I sprayed it on my roots I noticed it does leave a light residue, which actually works for me because I'm blonde so it makes my roots less dark. It takes a while to work into the hair to reduce the lightness it leaves, so far I wouldn't recommend for people with darker or coloured hair. It does say what is says on the tin nevertheless and leaves the hair looking and feeling fresher. For me though I'm sticking to my trusty favourite Girlz Only Dry Shampoo (review here) for now.

 Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydration I'm quite fond of the Baby Lips from Maybelline and already own Peach Kiss and Intense Care. I really like the pink on blue packaging for the Hydration stick and the smell reminds me of gummy bears or those kind of gummy sweets. The product is clear with no tint to the lips like some of it's sisters in the range. It glides on nicely to the lips and it's not too waxy which is nice although I'm not sure about the smell now it's on the lips. It's a nice little product to hydrate the lips especially through the winter months and it's fun packaging is cute too.

balance Me extra care radiance oil 10ml This is a product which is very new to me, I've never used a face oil before. It says it's suppose to 'smooth away the years' and you apply it morning and night either before moisturising or leave alone to give the skin back it's radiance. It has a rollaball applicator and the smell isn't the most pleasant but has that organic product smell, hard to describe but it's not offensive. Application is easy although for me it takes a while to sink into the skin and feels a little greasy. I'm not sure what one application will do so I'll have to get back with a proper review after a few uses. 

The next few products are the reason I bought the box and have been so excited to use! 

Eyeko Lash Curlers Lash curlers are a big tool in my make-up bag although I've never spent much on them just £1 from Primark! They've always done the trick and I thought why would more expensive ones work better, surely theres not too much difference. These curlers are silver with blue silicone rubber pads and blue velvet handles. On first use they feel a bit smaller to what I'm used to and the handles feels odd but a good odd. The curl they give is really nice and they don't pinch like my Primark ones. Overall a nice tool which does feel nicer than my cheap Primark ones and these are not too bank breaking either at around £10-£12.

Benefit they're Real mascara 3.0g I have always been a Maybelline falsies gall and really enjoy using it although this is a mascara I've always had my eyes one. I've never purchased the Benefit one because mascaras can be very touch and go to finding the right one for you, so I wasn't going to risk buying this at around £17 for it not to work. I'm a little in limbo with this one as it's really nice, drys quickly, easy application and the results are amazing although I would say at this point it's just as good as my Maybelline the faslies. I'm going to have to do more experimenting with these to see which comes out on top but I can definitely see why people love this Benefit mascara so much. Although my dad at dinner did ask if I was wearing false lashes so I suppose that kind of says something haha.

Last but not least this is the main event for me and the main reason I bought this beauty box!

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette in Foxy I have had my eyes on this for so so long but could never part with my money to get it, I know it's only around £20 but for me that's quite a lot. I got sent the 'Foxy' palette and from sight it's looks perfect for me. What I really like is that it's designed for brows but can be used for a smokey eye and all the shades are matte. These days I find most palettes contain mostly shimmery shades and little matte so this is great. The shadows to touch feel quite creamy yet with a powder consistency and highly pigmented. Although once touched with a brush they are like a thick powder constancy. On my eyebrows I used the light brown colour and loved the results. I also used them to create a kind of smokey eye although the colours are very pigmented so not really suitable for the day but when I do a night time look this is my first point of call. I am so happy I've finally got this in my life. 

Heres a look I created using all the products from the box..

I hope you've enjoyed my unboxing and quick reviews of each product. I will be reviewing a few of the products in full so don't forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin for that. Also if you follow me it gives me a chance to check out new blogs and which I love doing!

I would love to hear in the comments below if any of you have used any products mentioned above and what you think of them?

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