Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Catch Up With Me: Volume 6

Hey Guys,

I have been the worst blogger this month and barley posted, but my god life hasn't half been busy! I don't even know where to start.

Google Cupcake
So last month I mentioned that my job has now gone permanent and I'm on a proper salary *squeals*. I am literally so happy and love my job so much, it's everything I wanted and more! I'm learning something new everyday and being able to see results from the stuff I do is amazing. On top of my job become permanent, I have been taking my Google exams, I've passed the first one and have one more to go to gain Google partner status. After the AdWords exams are done I'll be onto Analytics and learning to code web design.
Also with work I went up to the Google offices and my god they are amazing. I'm not sure what I expected from Google but they exceeded everything simply from the receptionists wearing the same dresses to the fact they had a chocolate fountain in the food court. amazing.

Brighton Beach

In the last week I have also secured a flat! YAY. I move out in about 6 weeksish, a real date is to be confirmed but it's ours. I am so excited words cannot explain. The flat it so nice, over looking a pond with a nice light open living room. My bedroom is such a good size with built in wardrobes and big windows. A bonus is the bathrooms getting redone just before we move in which is amazing and they've just laid new carpets. It's perfect and I cannot wait to go shopping for sofas, beds, curtains the lot!

Brighton Hen Do
This month I must admit I have spent most my weekends getting drunk and playing Xbox. My parents went away for a couple of weeks and it was so nice to just chill out and stay in with a couple of mates, which is why I can't wait to be in the flat.

Although the weekend just gone I went on a hen do to Brighton, lets just say it was very messy. It consisted of cocktails, top less bar men, strippers and way to much alcohol! If I'm honest I'm still trying to recover. I was such a mess but had the best time with all my uni mates, it was such a giggle.

Hen Party

Best Friends Scan
On the weight loss front, I've hit a little fence, because I'm so busy and going out a lot my eating habits have slipped a little. Although I'm going to get back on the healthy band wagon once the next couple of weekends are up. It's my friend Tom's birthday and a double weekend celebration, so after that I'll get my shit together and join the diet train again.

Also this month I found out that my best friend is having a little girl, I knew she was pregnant from the start but to know she's having a girl just excites me so much, I cannot wait to meet the little one in July!

I feel like my life's going a hundred miles an hour but I'm having so much fun and so excited for what the future holds! I feel the people in my life right now are the ones I'll hold onto forever, there so supportive and keep me so grounded. I love it and them to the moon and back.

So that's about it from the last month, I'm sure theres things I've missed but that will do for now. I'll try and post a little more once things have calmed down but I thought a catch up with post would be the best for now! I hope everyone is having an amazing 2014 and I'll be back soon :)

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