Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites.

Hey Guys,

I cannot believe how quickly February went, I know it's a short month but it just disappeared. Not that I mind too much because March is going to be incredible, I can feel it, but more of that another day!

Anyways as the title suggests this is my February Favourites, I don't have too many favourites because I did a lot of buying new things this month. So I've been trying them out, which I didn't want to put in my favourites until there tried and tested! So here we go..

Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub, NIVEA Oil Free Day Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, MAC 206 Brush, Real Techniques Angle Brush, Natural Collection Crushed Walnut Eyeshadow, Next Paradise Perfume. 

First up is some skin care favourites, my skin has been an absolute nightmare the last couple of months, breaking out all over the place yet really dry and oily at the same time. I really cannot keep up. Anyways this daily scrub has been a life saver it gives a deep clean, gets rid of dead skin yet doesn't dry my skin out, perfect. My skin is finally clearing up yet theres a lot of damage which needs all the help it can get. At the moment me skin feels really tight and dry, which is where my second favourite comes in, NIVEA oil free day cream. This cream is so velvety, light and refreshing. It glides on the skin and sinks in beautifully leaving no traces of oil or residue just feeling hydrated and drenched.

I'm quite surprised I like this foundation, because I want full coverage but I don't like my foundation being too thick. However I got this little tester out of my Boots Beauty Advent Calendar (See here) and my god I love it, so I bought the full size. It is thick but because of the mouse consistency it's still fairly light, well as light as a full coverage matte foundation comes. What I really like about this foundation is it's perfect for when you need full coverage for a long period of time, I really like using it when I'm going out or clubbing because I know I don't have to worry about shine or touching up. And whats perfect, it has no SPF so flash photography come at me.

This perfume is quite an odd one because I received it for my birthday years ago, I'm talking like 7-8 years ago, but never really used it that often. However because my staple everyday Calvin Klein ran out and Channel is too much for work I resorted to this whilst deciding what perfume to buy. Well it's safe to say I'm glad I did re-discover this perfume because it smells so fruity and sweet perfect for early spring.

These three favourites are more of an all in one kind of favourite, or a make-up look. What I've been doing all month is instead of my standard liquid eyeliner flicks I've been using this brown shadow or a matte black for my eyeliner, so it's a little smudgy but not heavy like using gel liner. I really like this look for day time because it just frames the eyes without looking too heavy, and it's really quick and easy in the mornings. I've also been using this colour and my MAC 206 brush to fill in my eyebrows, I got his from Alice over at BeautyByAlicee, I love her blog and would definitely recommend checking her out! I love this little combo for filling in my brows so there not harsh but still filled in and framing the face.

The last favourite is my Lush Shampoo bar (full review), this wasn't featured in the main image because it's not looking so new anymore and frankly quite wet and weird. Anyways I love this, it's supposed to stimulate hair grow and I really think it has. I have long hair anyways but it never used to grow past a certain point however since using this bar, since like Xmas, I've found my hair getting longer than it's ever been. This shampoo also makes my hair feel so thick and healthy I love it!

That's it for my favourites this month, I hope you've enjoyed this post and don't forget to follow my on Bloglovin' and leave me a comment of what you've been loving the last month!

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