Monday, 3 February 2014

January Favourites.

Hey Guys,

I feel like January has gone so quick this year, normally it drags so much but it's flown by! I must say though this January has been so much better than last year due to extreme tonsillitis and my throat closing up, you no casual. So this year has already started pretty darn well!

Right enough of the babble lets get going with my January favourites. This months favourites are pretty much all new bits which I got in and around Christmas but they have pretty much since overtaken my life.

First up is a bronzer from Rimmel, now this bronzer was a bit of a stressful buy. Leading up to this purchase I just could never get my bronzer colour match right and was getting myself quite worked up about the situation. However I stumbled across this when in Superdrug stocking up on my favourite Stay Matte Powder, I picked it up and though meh it's worth a go. I really love the natural glow it gives and how it warms up my skin in the winter months. The powder in the pan itself has a very minimal amount of shimmer which doesn't transfer to the skin at all, it's quite matte. Overall I really love it however I'm still on the hunt for the perfect bronzer.

Whats a favourites without mentioning a Real Techniques Brush eh? So I bring you the stippling brush, I got this for Christmas but didn't start using it until mid Jan and man I'm kicking myself. I love how it applies my foundation giving a flawless but natural look. As I find with the buffing brush it gives a heavier application, so the stippling is perfect for week day foundation.

Soap&Glory is a brand I've always loved but the price tag was always a little high for a student way to into drinking. So when I got a few bits for Christmas I was so happy to get trying and its safe to so I've loved them so much I'm featuring two in this post!

First up is the Righteous Butter, now I know this has already been spoken about this in the #2014bloggerchallenge skincare post (read me) but It needs a special mention here. I simply am in love with this product, it makes my skin so silky smooth for days after use. It also smells incredible, it's so buttery yet with a light texture. Such a perfect product for winter or dry skin.

Second S&G is the Kick Ass Concealer, however specifically one part of it, the setting powder. I'll talk about the concealer as a whole latter in the month but for now the setting powder is my new love. I've always used Rimmel Stay Matte since I care to remember and it's done me fine however this setting powder has changed me. I love how it really locks in my concealer not looking cakey and staying put all day, I'm not really sure how I can explain why I love it I just do!

Last beauty product of the batch is the L'oréal Line Studio #TXT volume texture spray. This is a fairly new edition to my hair products, over the last year I have been hunting for a good volume spray. Now I love using the Schwarz got2be volume mouse however if my hair gets wet my hair gets very matted and it's not great for if you don't wash your hair everyday. So When I found the L'oréal spray it solved my problems! This is such a good spray and go to product which gives instant lift to the roots and makes bed hair that little more tamed. Again I'll do a lengthy review on this later in the month, but bottom line you will not regret buying this product.

Lastly in this favourites post is a song, I know I never really include things like this but I am really really loving Clean Bandits 'rather be'. It's such a uplifting end of winter song and it's been stuck in my head all week! Love it! 

So that's it for my favourites, I feel this was quite a quick job done post, if you know what I mean. I hope you've enjoyed seeing my favourites, what have you been loving last month? let me know in the comments!  


  1. I've just bought the L'Oréal volume texture spray and loving it so far. It's great on my fine hair.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. I love it, I really want to try the Charles Worthington one, apparently thats good too. xx

  2. My skin is verry dry I should try the Righteous Butter it looks like a good product :)

    1. Yes it's really good the best one I've come across for dry skin in years!