Monday, 17 February 2014

Monthly Wishlist: One Thing On My Mind

Hey Guys,

Todays post is about something which hasn't left my mind for the last few weeks, investing in a smokey eyeshadow palette. Theres three in particular which have caught my eye and I've been debating which one I should invest in, in the very near future. I do admittedly want all three, however with each retailing between £35-£50, one of them will do for now. All three of these palettes I'm sure you've all heard of but I just can't decided. I've been reading reviews and theres such a split vibe about them.

Here are the three I'm debating about:
Smashbox Full Exposure
Urban Decay Naked 2

You can probably see my predicament right? So as well as this being my monthly wishlist I also want my readers help..WHICH ONE?

I'll give a few must haves for my palette: a range of brown tones, a matte black and a champagne colour. Now I've put them all together in a line and I feel the NARS palette may not have enough brown tones for me but I do like the range of different colours. I really like the Smashbox because of the split of matte and shimmer shades, then the Urban Decay has the warm brown tones I like. Oh it's such a hard choice!

If any of you guys have any of these palettes please let me know what you think, or which one I should get in the comments or even tweet me here! Or do you know of any other ones which I might like? please let me know.

I'm also thinking about doing a give away soon when I reach 250 Bloglovin' followers so when the time comes for my decided purchase I may even pick up two, one for the give away. Don't hold me to it but it's in the pipeline.

That's it from me today, any help would be much appreciated and I'll see you Thursday for a review :).


  1. I think the Smashbox one looks amazing and there's more matte colours if you're into that, but obviously there's so much hype around Urban Decay being the best so it's a tough call, I'm stuck between those two as well!

    1. Yeah I like the smash box because theres half and half but the Urban Decay hype is reeling me in haha. xx

  2. I really like the look of the NARS one but it is quite pricey! I have the Naked 2 and I really don't use it as the colours don't suit me very well, but the Naked 1 is a great one.
    Beauty by Alice <3

    1. I love the NARS one, but I just don't think I can justify the money! I like the UB2 because it has the matte black although the rest of the colours maybe a little reddy. xx