Thursday, 20 February 2014

Review Thursday: Natural Collection Blush

Hey Guys,

It's Thursday which means a review post from me. Today I'm going to review the Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks. I love the Natural Collection eyeshadows and bronzers, so it was no surprise that I fell in love with the blushes too.

I bought my first Natural Collection blush a good 6/7 years ago and I'm still yet to hit pan, despite using it most days. The first one I bought was the colour 'pink cloud' which is a really pretty pale Barbie pink and then more recently I bought 'Peach melba' which is a darker slightly dirty pink.  

These blushes are a pressed powder which loosens up when applied to the brush, making them easy to sweep over the cheeks beautifully. The pigmentation is really good, especially with the 'pink cloud' colour, a little goes a long way for a natural flush or you can really build them up for a full impact of colour.

I really like how well they apply for a natural look, they also cling so well to the cheeks all day without loosing any colour. In the range there is only 4 colours, although I really want to purchase the other two, because at £1.79 there an absolute steal!

The only downside of these little pots is the white plastic containers, although this is the signature packaging for the brand, I'm not overly keen. I don't mind them so much however both my pans of product has fallen out there containers which makes travelling a little tricky. It would be good if I could make a blush palette and buy the two other colours.

 Peach Melba swatch

Pink Cloud Swatch

I would seriously recommend these to anybody as there perfect for everyday and night. Although there are only 4 colours the colour range is pretty good. I would also recommend checking out the eyeshadows and bronzers while your there too!

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