Monday, 2 December 2013

November Favourites.

Hey Guys,

November is quickly forgotten for most but for me it has been my best month of the year, so many good things have happened and I'm sad yet excited for December to make an appearance. As November is behind us it's only right to show you what I've been loving throughout the month. Although most of my picks are quite general and not very specific just because I loved everything in November even down to my hangover the day after graduation haha.

Midi Rings/ Primark. Costa Coffee Club Card. Bourjois Rouge Edition/ 17 Rose Mill├ęsime. Bourjois Colour Boost/ 06 Plum Russian. Orly Nail Varnish/ Naughty. 

Like I said above my favourites are quite general but lets get going.

Starting with Costa. I have just been really loving Costa recently, I've always favoured Costa over Starbucks, not really sure why. Just on a cold day I love popping into Costa picking up a Hazelnut Latte and having a sit down for a while. I feel Coffee shops especially around this time of year, they just feel really charismatic. I remember in collage first year before we started going to pubs we would always go to Cafe Nero in our free periods, sit in the same place, have the same drink and just chatter the day away.

Second kind of general favourite is dark nail varnishes. I've never been into dark colours on my tips because I feel they looked strange against my pale skin but this year I've really got into them. I think with nail varnishes, when I was at uni, it tended to be black or pink. Now though you can get so many nice navy tones and burgundy shades it's like a winter wardrobe has opened up for me in the nails department.
Jumper £14.99/ Black Dress £29.99/ Red Dress £19.99
My third general favourite is H&M. I've never been a big shopper there because they don't really cater for the bigger figure, but now I've lost 2 stone I'm loving it! I got my graduation dress, a red dress and a orange christmasy winter jumper (as you can see above) which I've already started wearing to death. I love going in there now knowing theres a chance the cloths will fit, such a good feeling.

 My final general favourite is midi-rings, mine are just sets from Primark which cost about £1.50 each pack. When midi-rings first came out I though it was a bit of an odd trend but I've been loving them. I especially love my moustache one!

Whats a monthly favourite without a couple of lipsticks, my two this month are both from Bourjois. First up in from the colour boost range which essentially are a chubby stick dupe, a very good dupe at that. I love the Bourjois ones there so glossy, pigmented and not drying. I especially love this dark plum colour with is perfect for the winter months. I like that because it's glossy the deep colour doesn't look too vampy just a nice almost fresh winter lip colour.

My second Bourjois colour is from the Rouge Edition. I already own a bight reddy orange and loved the formula so I recently picked up a dusky pinky tone. What I like about this colour is it's not bright or dark it's just a nice everyday colour which turns everyday make-up looking a bit brighter.

Well thats all my favourite from the month. What have you been loving in November and what are you looking forward to in December??

Also quick mention I got the Boots beauty advent calendar and will be posting everyday on my Instagram (click me) with what I got, I will also do a round up at the end of the week on here.  

Did you catch my posts from the weekend well you can catch up here:


  1. Everyone always talks about that Bourjoius colour boost. I wish they sold it in the states! I may just have to order some online. :)

    Also, I nominated you for the sunshine award. Check my latest blog post to see what it's about. :)

    xx brittnee

    1. That's such a shame they don't sell them in the states I've got 4 out of 6 colors haha.

      Oo thank you I'll go check that out now :)


  2. that moustache ring is so cute haha, I really need to get one of those bourjois colours X

    1. I love my moustache ring! and the bourjois colour are amazing I love them! xx