Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Big Reunion: Christmas Tour

Hey Guys,

This post is really really late but better late than never eh?

So back in September I bought my best friend tickets to go see The Big Reunion Christmas Tour at the o2 in London for her Birthday. For the people who don't know what TBR is, it basically was a TV programme on ITV2 where bands from the 90's got back together and did a tour. The bands involved where; Five, Atomic Kittens, BeWitched, The Honeyz, 911 and Liberty X. I used to love Liberty X and Five! Anyways to say the least it was amazing! The first half they sang all their classics then the second half they sang Christmas songs. So good. We went to the 2:30pm showing as we went out in Camden afterwards for a night out. I had such a good day and thought I'd share a few snaps from the day.

The photos aren't the best quality because I used my Iphone 5s (forgot my silly camera) and where we were sat wasn't exactly far but it wasn't close. One thing I do love about the o2 is because I'm an o2 customer I get to go in the blueroom. It's so nice in there and I love that it's never that busy, also you don't have to que to get inside the arena. Kirsty and I started very early on the cocktails drinking out favourites Long Island Iced Tea. My favourite part of the gig was when BeWitched sang Fairy Tale of New York (my favourite Christmas song) and Shane Lynch from Boyzone came on a screen and sand the male parts. I love Shane Lynch, always have!

It was such a good day and our night in Camden was good too. I can't say I felt great the next day but it was worth it haha. Theres rumours that ITV2 are going to do a second series with like S club 7 and All Saints, if the rumours are true I'm buzzing already!

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