Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review Thursday: NIVEA Lip Butter

Hey Guys,

I can't believe it's Thursday already this week is just whizzing by! not that I mind because I'm off to London this weekend to see The Big Reunion. So excited. 
Anyways today I am going to write a review of the NIVEA lip butters, mines in vanilla and macadamia but they're also available in raspberry rose and caramel cream. I can't remember where I got mine exactly but you can pick them up in Boots here for £2.25. 

First off the one I have smells incredible, it's sweet but not sickly and it's like the smell of the most perfect pudding. Although it smells amazing it doesn't taste of anything, which is good in my books. They come in little tins similar to Vaseline because it has a soft creamy texture. I love the texture of the butter because it melts enough to apply but not so much that it goes everywhere and causes a mess.
Application to the lips simply glides on, it's so smooth. Although once first layer is applied I find my lips feel a little tacky so I put a second layer on and it's good. You can feel that somethings on your lips but it doesn't feel heavy or greasy in anyway. I tend to use this when I'm getting ready in the morning after moisturising so it's a nice base to smooth and hydrate my lips before my lipstick.
However it's also good on it's own because it gives a nice shine but not glossy to the lips.

I don't think theres much more to say other than if you want something less messy and greasy than Vaseline but a little thicker than Maybelline baby lips then this is your guy!

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